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We Decided To Do An Even More In-depth Comparison Of The Hermes Birkin Sizes

The mini bag trend acquired us imagining lots about dimensions. Any time you’re bag purchasing, you might breeze by the entire process of choosing among a brand, a fashion, or a shade, but dimensions could be a entire distinctive dilemma. In the modern Q&A, a lot of you asked no matter if you’ll want to go smaller sized or much larger In terms of dimension and how you ought to make your decision. You really need to do your research to ensure that you’re buying the best bag dimensions, which is especially true In regards to Hermes. Not a soul would like to fork out 1000s of pounds for a good looking Birkin and after that regret the size they selected!

Information and facts you find on the net about Birkin sizes may be pretty minimal. The names linked to Just about every sizing could be puzzling and numerical measurements by yourself can even now go away you sensation lost. Very last 12 months, we posted a guide to Hermes Birkin dimensions with genuine-life bag comparison pics, which proved to be a very helpful place of reference. By preferred demand from customers and lots of e mail requests from our Local community, we decided to do an much more in-depth comparison of your Hermes Birkin dimensions. We will probably be utilizing types to demonstrate how Every single Birkin sizing appears in opposition to numerous entire body frames, which can with any luck , give a far better notion of the real sizing of each and every bag.

We’re very enthusiastic to share this minor “experiment” with you! Now we have a ton of images, and in some cases films so you’re able to see the baggage in motion. You’ll be shocked by how the look of Birkin can thoroughly modify depending upon the dimensions And exactly how the affect of each and every sizing can vastly vary from individual-to-individual. Very first, we’ll overview all the various sizes Hermes provides before we bounce into our comparison.

The Sizes

The Birkin is obtainable in four diverse sizes from the lovely “mini” Model to the most significant travel dimensions. Lots of aficionados check with Just about every bag measurement In brief hand Together with the letter “B” accompanied by the duration in centimeters (ex. B35)

Birkin Sizes:

Birkin 25 (B25)
Birkin 30 (B30)
Birkin 35 (B35)
Birkin 40 (B40)

The most common Birkin dimensions will be the B30 and the B35. The B25 is a hard dimensions to uncover and will likely be only available to VIP shoppers. It is more commonly out there in Asia, but it’s immediately getting standing in other areas of the earth. Right after conversations with Hermes insiders and aficionados we discovered which the B25 dimension acquired recognition amongst Asian Women of all ages partly mainly because it doesn’t overwhelm smaller statures. The B40 is difficult to find at the same time, but it is normally fewer asked for. The B40 is more suited to journey rather than an day-to-day handbag.

For our comparison, we will be using the Birkin 25, Birkin thirty, and Birkin 35.


Smallest to Largest (L x H x W cm):

Birkin Size Dimensions
Birkin 25 25 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm
Birkin 30 30 cm x 22 cm x 16 cm
Birkin 35 35 cm x 25 cm x 18 cm
Birkin 40 40 cm x 30 cm x 21 cm


Birkin Size Price in USD
Birkin 25 $9,500
Birkin 30 $10,900
Birkin 35 $11,900
Birkin 40 $13,200

Size Comparison

We want to provide you with a clear notion of the genuine measurements of Birkin luggage by evaluating the bags worn by precise men and women. Our teammates Morgan and Marissa will product three Birkin measurements in a similar standard poses to mirror how the baggage carry in true existence.

About the Bags

Birkin 25
Color: 5P PINK
Leather: Mysore Chèvre
Hardware: Gold
Birkin 30
Style: Ghillies
Color: Bamboo
Leather: Body – Togo, Trim – Swift
Hardware: Palladium
Birkin 35
Color: Orange
Leather: Epsom
Hardware: Gold

About the Models

Model #1 Morgan (wearing patterned top and jeans)

Height: 5’6″
Dress Size: 0 US
Model #2 Marissa (wearing black romper)

Height: 5’4″
Dress Size: 4 US

The Poses

1.Held in the center
2.Crook of the arm
3.In the hand, down by the side

Still Picture Comparison

Hermes Birkin 25

Model #1

Model #2

Hermes Birkin 30

Model #1

Model #2

Hermes Birkin 35

Model #1

Model #2

Size-to-Size Comparison

Held in the Front

Birkin 25 vs. Birkin 30 vs. Birkin 35

Model #1

Model #2

Crook of the Arm

Birkin 30 vs. Birkin 35

Model #1

Model #2

In the hand, down by the side

Birkin 25 vs. Birkin 30 vs. Birkin 35

Model #1

Model #2

Pros & Cons: Best Uses of Each Size

Recall, you need to select your bag size based off your own desires, style, and most of all, motivation! There aren’t any set guidelines In relation to dimensions for the reason that what is well-liked or correct is always changing. Traits are cyclical – in the future mini bags may be out and oversized luggage could produce a comeback, and vice versa. Men and women may possibly let you know that you’ve to choose a sizing that matches Your system frame or that 1 dimensions is a far better expense than A different. At the conclusion of the working day, your own contentment While using the bag will outweigh another factor!

When you are searching for tips that can help with your investigate, see our notes about each bag down below:

Birkin 25

Ideal suited like a Exclusive situation bag. In the proper colour and leather, it can make a fantastic evening bag for more formal have on.
Really scarce and hard to find, looks far more well-known in Asian international locations.
Professional: Most well-liked size for scaled-down statures
PRO: Sufficiently small to look exquisite in any environment
Professional: It remains to be roomy and may have noticeably much more than other mini luggage (Study: Not All Mini Baggage are Creatd Equal)
CON: The cope with may be very small – cannot be carried within the criminal of your arm like one other dimensions

Birkin 30

Probably the most adaptable dimension being an daily handbag
PRO: Functions very well with quite a few human body frames. Will likely not overwhelm a smaller frame, but doesn’t watch out of spot on the taller human body body either.

Birkin 35

Greatest being an errand bag or for travel
Professional: By far the most typical dimensions from the Birkin given that it’s the “authentic”. Lots of Ladies from France, the homeland of Hermes, point out that their chosen measurement will be the B35. Since the B35 is the very first Birkin Hermes made, many people declare it is the best financial commitment concerning benefit when compared with other dimensions. Bear in mind while, the Birkin bag alone is often a traditional and really coveted over the resale industry, so the dimensions of the Birkin is negligible With regards to benefit.

Birkin 40

Fewer generally out there and fewer frequently asked for
PRO: Virtually completely used for vacation
PRO: Very talked-about with Guys. Historically gentlemen eager to have the Birkin have opted for this dimension, but today we have been observing all dimensions remaining sported by trendy Adult males.
CON: Despite stiffer leathers, it tends to have a slouchy, unstructured glimpse because of the sizing. The bag is usually rather large even when vacant due to the sheer quantity of leather utilized to make the bag.
CON: Might overwhelm lesser frames

With any luck , this comparison gave you the Visible you needed to convey to the difference between Just about every Birkin sizing!

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