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Hermes Mini Handbags Have Become The Hottest Trend In The World Of Bags

The “mini” is often a well-worn issue. We’ve been intently documenting the rise—and rise and rise—of the trendy small bags considering the fact that 2020. Even though their level of popularity has ebbed and flowed just slightly over the past couple a long time, mini baggage have cemented their location as bona fide fashionista staples. On earth of haute bags, minis have transitioned from novelty items to each day “it” baggage. And, to not one person’s surprise, mini Hermès baggage sit at the very best from the pyramid of desirability.

By mini Hermès luggage we imply Birkins, Kellys, and Constances: the trio of your maison’s Holy Grail Luggage. These petite Bs, Ks, and Cs dot our Instagram feeds, usually displaying up over the arms of our favourite fashionistas and celebs. PurseBop acquired her 1st sweet bubble gum pink in 2020.

While we’ve written about Hermès mini baggage before, We’ve however to compile a complete reference tutorial over the remarkably-requested matter. Until finally now, that is certainly. What follows is the most up-to-date tutorial on H minis you’ll come across—you’re welcome.

What to expect from this reference guide:

  • I. Why are Mini H Bags So Popular?
  • II. Models
  • III. Dimensions
  • IV. Pricing
  • V. Availability
  • VI. Practicality and Use
  • VII. Testimonials from Our Community

I. Why are Mini H Bags So Popular?

We mentioned it right before, and we’ll say it once again: Hermès is no exception on the “mini madness” rule. Considering that 2020, mini handbags have grown to be the most popular trend on earth of bags. (That said, don’t stop trying your “large bags” in haste!) The beginning from the Hermès wave in the explosion could be witnessed on Instagram—initial to the arms of vogue icons and celebs (Imagine Kardashian), and shortly right after from the handbag aficionado community. Hermès has certainly taken note, introducing the Kelly Mini II and upping manufacture of its smaller sized baggage.

And what’s not to love? Hermès minis are lovely, stylish, and totally on pattern. Moreover: they’re scarce. And there’s practically nothing like scarcity to generate up demand. Hermès remains the paradigm of exclusivity. Minis, yet again, are no exception. The mini frame of mind, paired While using the Hermès way of thinking, equals frenzy.

II. Models

The mini Hermès styles are, for the most part, precise replicas of their “mother” luggage. The 1 exception to This is actually the Kelly Mini II, that has extra of a pochette silhouette. Also, right up until the Kelly Mini II was launched in 2016, the brand hardly ever utilized the phrase “mini” to explain these luggage.

Although we’ve thought of mini Bs and Ks previously, it’s crucial never to neglect the 3rd member from the Hermès Holy Grail Trifecta: the beloved Constance, with its pretty personal cult following. These are the bags normally considered minis on the earth of Hermès:

Birkin: B25

K15 (out of production)
K20 (out of production)
Kelly Mini II

C14, the “Micro” (out of production)
C18, the “Mini”

III. Dimensions

The measurements are provided in cm, since that is Hermès’ custom.

Model Dimensions (W x H x D)
Birkin 25 25 x 20 x 13 cm
Kelly 15 15 x 11 x 5 cm
Kelly 20 20 x 16 x 10 cm
Kelly Mini II 20 x 12 x 6 cm
Kelly 25 25 x 19 x 9 cm
Constance 14 14 x 11 x 3 cm
Constance 18 18 x 15 x 4 cm

IV. Pricing

While you’ll come across below, mini Hermès baggage are more cost-effective than their much larger counterparts. Having said that, the ones that are not now in production and therefore don’t have standardized prices fetch considerably more around the secondary current market.

Model Price in USD
Birkin 25 $9,400
Kelly 15 N/A
Kelly 20 N/A
Kelly Mini II $7,700
Kelly 25 $9,500
Constance 14 N/A
Constance 18 $7,550

V. Availability

As everyone knows, availability can be quite a minor tough to evaluate On the subject of the large H. Even though we’ve delved into the ins and outs of “playing the Hermès video game,” The full course of action stays fairly shrouded in thriller. Nevertheless, we will be selected of something: if bagging a Birkin (or Kelly or Constance) is difficult, receiving your hands on the mini is even more durable. Normally, they are typically accessible to set up Hermès customers.

That said, the introduction of the Kelly Mini II has shaken things up a bit. It seems, In addition, that Hermès is Benefiting from the mini development craze and has upped creation of B25s, K25s, and C18s. As with the minis that aren’t at this time in creation—the K15, first K20, and C14—you’ll must search towards the secondary sector. While you’re confident to seek out one particular, they unquestionably have a steeper cost.

The upshot? While it’s not unachievable, scoring a mini K, B, or C can even now be very the challenge. Regardless, don’t give up! Examine several of our contributors’ stories of obtaining the right mini H bag for inspiration:

VI. Practicality and Use

Now for that perennial question: Minis are perfectly sweet, but however so very small…are they in the long run sensible?

Perfectly, PurseBop’s just take is Sure and no. As often, it truly is dependent upon your fashion and lifestyle. In numerous ways, mini baggage embrace a more youthful, minimalist aesthetic. They drive their wearer to really pare down the essentials. Dependant upon the particular bag, This may be just phone, keys, and card holder. A bigger mini could possibly manage to maintain a little notebook, some make-up, and various odds and finishes.

A different important matter to consider is how these bags could be worn. Mini Kellys and Constances, for instance, go ahead and take cake On the subject of effortless, on-the-go appears to be. Mainly because they have straps, they’re no-fuss luggage for when you need to appear stylish whilst carrying little. (The Kelly is especially adaptable Because the strap could be removed.) The mini Birkin, Alternatively, doesn’t Use a strap. Actually, the majority of people can’t even healthy its handles while in the crook in their arm. You’ll probably have to hold that B25 in your hand!

The K15 and Mini Kelly II are great night luggage, as their unique design and style is nicely-suited for formality. The C18 and K25 are perfect day luggage, they usually can easily transition from working day-to-night. It all relies on how official your night occasions are.

So, are mini Hermès luggage practical? Nicely, It’s important to have a excellent take a look at your bag needs—and also your latest selection—and then choose. (Though we’d insert that We’ve a soft spot for minis ourselves.)

VII. Testimonials from Our Community

BopTalk celebs—esteemed collectors in our Pretty PurseBop Neighborhood—have shared their preferred handbags with us in the past. As envisioned, there was more than one mini talked about… Read through their previous testimonials and understand the wonders in the H mini by way of their eyes! Warning: an abundance of eye sweet ahead.


Scored my Holy Grail mini Kelly twenty in black crocodile with GHW not too long ago and was on the verge of tears just holding her in my palms! It had been this sort of an psychological moment, I swear. On my would like checklist now to be a upcoming Holy Grail Bag: a Kelly twenty five Himalayan. I swear I will burst out in tears if I get so as to add this bag to my collection. It’s so exquisite and matches just the appropriate quantity enough of things for me! She’s just best and would seem so fantastic as flat lay (yes, I’m thinking of all my Instagram photo-ops by now…)


Can a Holy Grail Bag certainly be a Holy Grail Bag in case you never understood you were being craving it to start with? That is the scenario While using the jewel in my selection, my tri-colour Alligator Constance eighteen. I’d never proven any fascination in possessing a Constance, but the moment I observed the sheen from the scales, the subtle mixture of colours, and the massive glinting H buckle, I understood this piece was special. It might have a whole lot to top in my estimations, so I just experienced to possess it. The only real piece that will supplant this as my favorite might be a Himalayan Birkin Once i acquire it (see what I did there – You must Consider optimistic!)


My Pink Doblis Birkin is my evening HGB because it’s just so sweet! The color just pops, still its neutral ample to pair with a lot of outfits. The Birkin 25 is an ideal night measurement and really classy, however it fits a great deal of. I have a tendency to need more space as I carry huge phones.


My Evening HGB is my Marine Blue Birkin. The Birkin twenty five is the perfect sizing for night and it wears quite elegantly. The leather-based on this splendor is remarkably shiny. The colour is so decadent as This is a deep blue, although it Pretty much looks black and may definitely go being a neutral. This is one of my preferred Hermès shades resulting from its chameleon-like quality.


Extended Tale, quick: I’ve been fascinated While using the Hermes Constance for your longest time, have confidence in me, the struggle was actual. C18 sizing was exceptionally scarce to come by at my nearby boutique, still I yearned for it every day. At last I acquired the courage to inquire my SA about it. I even experienced the braveness to talk to about Particular leathers and colors, and lo and behold, I’ve my desire combo now.


In the long run, All of this is to express that Hermès is a component and parcel of your booming mini development. The truth is, we’d go so far as to argue that a mini Hermès bag could be the queen of any mini selection. We hope this extensive guide has supplied you all the small print you could will need in your own personal mini H research—or perhaps, alternatively, some really serious handbag inspiration. If there’s anything at all we skipped, or just about anything you’d personally wish to increase for the discussion, please comment underneath! On the subject of nitty gritty Hermès investigate, we usually need our PurseBop Group.

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