Hermes 2021

Browse This Mini Kelly – Hermes Mini Kelly II Orange Bag 19cm

If you concentrate on it, the timing could not be any far better, taking into consideration we are weeks far from the top time of yr (browse: summer time)! To me, there isn’t any greater way to welcome a brand new time, Primarily the warmest and brightest, with one thing Similarly as putting (aka a *new* orange bag).

Hermes Mini Kelly II Orange Bag 19cm


The Hermes Mini Kelly Tote is a bag that seems to be trending lately and it’s definitely growing on me. It’s available in a wide range of colors and fabrics, but I’m loving the orange one. I appreciate the spacious size and sturdy rectangle bottom that helps maintain its shape. I can see it being used as a carry-on bag or even a beach bag because it fits so much.Join hermes 2021 now!

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