Hermes 2021

A Casual Designer Outfit With Hermes Picotin Green

Not only does Hermès make the most impressively detailed array of colors in the handbag world (there are like a dozen different pinks available on the brand’s website right now in various styles), but the brand applies those colors to dozens of bag styles, many of which come in multiple size and structure variations, as well as multiple hardware options. When you think about all the distinct pieces that results in, it’s suddenly not so mystifying why any particular Hermès bag can be difficult to buy at any given boutique: there’s simply not a whole lot of any one thing because there are so many potential things.



If you’re new to the handbag game or just new to having an interest in Hermès, figuring out all the things the brand makes beyond the Hermes Picotin Green can be a little opaque. Here, we’ve found ten iconic, longstanding bags from the brand that are well worth knowing, plus a few details about each.Join hermes 2021 now!

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