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4 Colors Hermes Evelyne Bag 2021 Guide

Our issue in the working day is the Hermès Evelyne. We included this quintessential Hermès bag a few a long time in the past, but occasions have adjusted—in addition to models, charges and much more—and we’ve been next the Evelyne’s every shift. Listed here’s just about every small depth you need to know about the sporty, everyday and beloved Evelyne. It’s classic Hermès which has a twist.

What to Expect from this Reference Guide:

  • 1. Is It Worth It? Reasons to Buy
  • 2. History
  • 3. Features
  • 4. Materials
  • 5. Sizes
  • 6. Prices
  • 7. Instagram Eye Candy

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Is the Evelyne Worth It?

As normally, we could’t solution this issue for you personally, but we can give you the instruments to come to some conclusion your self. The Evelyne is a success due to its informal-yet-chic air. Day jam packed with errands? Sling on an Evelyne crossbody. The at any time-well-liked Hermès bag marries the normal factors in the brand name with on-the-go functionality.

Reasons to consider the Hermès Evelyne bag:

Cute and casual: The Evelyne is an easy, unfussy bag that demonstrates whimsicality when staying inconvenience-totally free
Hermès identification: There’s no doubt where by this bag emanates from—the perforated “H” is considered the most notable function
Overall flexibility: Wear the bag “backwards” should you so drive—which seemingly is how it was intended to be worn—to maintain the H (quite practically) to you
Simple accessibility: With no zipper and just one primary pocket, you can certainly achieve into your bag and get what ever you would like
Excellent entry-amount bag: In comparison with other typical H bags, the Evelyne is comparatively inexpensive


The Hermes Evelyne hearkens again to Hermès’ equestrian roots. (Enable’s not neglect that Hermès started out out as a horse harness and equestrian accessory brand name.) Named for Évelyne Bertrand, the head of Hermès’ Using Section at the time, the very first Evelyne was developed in 1978. The bag was made for horse care; the “H” perforation, originally meant to be worn struggling with your body, Permit horse grooming instruments dry, and the shoulder strap was intended to evoke the girth that wraps around the horse’s system. Additionally, the Evelyne provides a saddle bag shape.

The Evelyne was bought near the equestrian equipment in Hermès boutiques till about ten years back, when it begun attaining momentum with fashionistas and not merely equestrians.

Since its release, there happen to be 4 versions of the Evelyne: the Evelyne I, Evelyne II, Evelyne III and Evelyne Sellier. The I, II, and III seek advice from the technology, and we have been presently over the 3rd era (and also the Sellier, and that is a new variation of your Evelyne). The first Evelyne, the Evelyne I, didn’t have an external pocket. The Evelyne II highlighted an external pocket except about the smallest dimensions. The present version, Evelyne III, sports both an exterior pocket and an adjustable canvas strap.

Hermès unveiled the Evelyne Sellier in Drop 2016. Overall, the Sellier is sleeker and stiffer than the normal Evelyne. Rather than the H perforation, the Sellier has an embossed, diamond-formed H brand (see beneath). The closing tab on the Sellier is likewise a little bit distinctive, with straighter strains plus a tighter keep, and the seams are much less pronounced. There is no external pocket.

Both equally the Evelyne III and also the Evelyne Sellier can be obtained on Hermès’ website.


A single massive interior pocket
Leather tab closure (no zipper)
Outside pocket
Adjustable shoulder strap


The Hermes Evelyne is mostly accessible in three varieties of leather-based: Epsom, Clemence and Maurice. The adjustable strap is designed out of a long lasting canvas substance. As compared to Hermès’ other leathers, Epsom, Clemence and Maurice are the most beneficial at withstanding hurt. It is additionally worth noting which the Evelyne Sellier is offered in a unique leather from the standard Evelyne: Hunter. (It is usually offered in Epsom.)

Listed here are brief descriptions of each and every of those leathers:

Epsom: Epsom is embossed calfskin, wherever the grain is manufactured by equipment-printing. Colours appear vivid, as well as leather is considered a contented medium involving Togo and Box Calf. What’s more, Epsom is rough and seems a bit glossy. As the grain is not really pure, just after many years of don it can rub out and flatten. However it keeps its form eventually which is scratch-resistant.

Clemence: Initially a leather-based for journey luggage, Clemence can be a thick, significant pores and skin, especially as compared to Togo, which happens to be Hermes’ most favored leather-based (however the majority of people cannot begin to see the difference between Clemence and Togo). It’s noteworthy for its pronounced grain. After some time, Clemence turns into extra supple and could slouch when not adequately stuffed. Even so, its longevity and toughness makes it a standout among the other options.

Maurice: Initial unveiled in 2017, Maurice is a different Hermès leather that’s an alternative choice to Clemence. It’s similar to Clemence but with a unique tanning system, which generates a more compact and flatter grain. It’s slightly additional rigid than Clemence, although it softens with time.

Hunter: A business, dense leather, Hunter is generally utilized for flaps, straps and trims. Smooth and smooth into the touch, it is going to create extra of the satin complete with time. Notice that, whilst gorgeous, Hunter is vulnerable to scratches.


The Evelyne is currently available in 4 different sizes:

  • TPM (Mini) – 16 cm
  • PM (Medium)– 29 cm
  • GM (Large) – 33 cm
  • TGM (XL) – 40 cm

There’s been discussion around the TPM (16 cm) staying discontinued. It has not been discontinued, however it is hard to find, and it’s now not accessible on the Hermès Web-site.

Size Dimensions (L x H x W cm)
Evelyne 16 (Mini/TPM) 16 x 18 x 5 cm
Evelyne 29 (Medium/PM) 29 x 30 x 8 cm
Evelyne 33 (Large/GM) 33 x 31 x 8 cm
Evelyne 40 (Extra Large/TGM) 40 x 44 x 10 cm


*All Evelyne III prices shown in Clemence leather-based. All Evelyne Sellier prices detailed in Hunter leather. The costs of Evelyne baggage in various elements may possibly range. Costs are from July 2020.

Size Price (USD)
Evelyne III 16 $1,800
Evelyne III 29 $3,375
Evelyne III 33 $3,750
Evelyne III 40 $4,500

Size Price (USD)
Evelyne Sellier 29 $4,750
Evelyne Sellier 33 $6,000

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